About Us

Mardreams is an innovative Production Company dedicated to bringing your dreams to life with unparalleled efficiency, transforming them into top-tier, high-quality products.

Our mission is to turn your visions into reality, ensuring a seamless and exceptional experience throughout the creative process. Trust Mardreams to elevate your dreams to the highest standard of excellence.

Our Team

MaRedreams Inc. originated from the vision of Polianna Mazzitelli and Aldo Re, industry veterans with a wealth of experience in major entertainment companies across Italy, including Rome and Milan, and throughout Europe. In 2014, driven by their passion, they made the bold move to New York to establish their own production company.

With a foundation rooted in years of industry expertise, MaRedreams has flourished into a substantial entity, boasting a dedicated team of professionals. Our journey spans from independent ventures to large-scale projects in collaboration with multimedia giants. Today, we proudly operate on an international scale, contributing to the creative landscape in South America, North America, and Europe.

Join us in realizing extraordinary visions, as MaRedreams continues to shape compelling narratives and elevate entertainment on a global stage.


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Polianna Mazzitelli

Founder and Production Head Executive Chief
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Aldo Re

Founder, Executive and Head Chief of Technical Department

MaRedreams Inc.
23-62 37th Street
Long Islan City,
New York 11105
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